The Influence of People Who Surround You

It is known that the human body sends out vibrations: some are positive, while others are negative. We have orbits formed by people who surround us and with whom we associate closely throughout our entire lives. In my book "The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps" by Ostaro, I expand fully on the impact people have upon us. Through observation and experience we will notice that the association of a certain person or persons will help us finish a project successfully. It is not just a matter of know-how or funding what makes a venture a success. It is more than that. When a person constantly exercises a positive (harmonious) influence upon another human being, it has a great influence on the brain that gives rise to a clearer judgment of a situation or a better solution to a lingering problem. These processes go on quite unnoticed by people ? but they do work. In case of a negative person in our orbit, the result of a contradictory or negative vibration could lead to a bad judgment of a situation or problem, poor solutions and utter failure of the project.

The underestimation of all difficulties or challenges involved could mean higher costs and longer time periods to get the job done.

The success in a project is largely dependent upon correct estimation of all factors involved like choosing the right people in a team, carefully considering essential character traits of the human personality (dependability, punctuality, efficiency, capacity for hard work, persistence when faced with difficulties) in order that a venture be completed successfully and yield the desired results.

Cost estimation in terms of human involvement requires a profound knowledge of human nature and business experience. We don''t achieve success by chance. It requires very solid efforts on the physical plane like burning the midnight oil plus utilizing the formula consisting of three major factors, such as choosing the right team for that particular project, the appropriate location (for example: drilling for oil must be at a calculated spot), and proper timing for completion. A multi million dollar movie, if released at a wrong time without regard to competition, could lose you millions and may never get you an Oscar. There are many examples of successful or failed projects. A careful analysis of a successful project reveals the points mentioned above. In fact, timing is more important than proper funding, as evidenced by Michael Moore''s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 which became a worldwide hit. At a time, when competition is less, the chances of success increase tremendously.

The stakes in a large venture are very high. Choosing the right people, right time to start the project and right location can make the difference between success or failure.

Ostaro is a veteran media personality and has appeared hundreds of times on television, radio and in print media. A film maker, he frequently appears on radio nationally. He is the host/producer of the Ostaro Show (Time Warner and RCN Cable TV every other Fri and Sun in NYC) featuring the best in celebrity horoscopes. Listed in Who''s Who in America, he is a positive thinker and the author of the "Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps" published by Svarg Syndicate Inc, NYC. Mr. Ostaro is a Premier Hindu Astrologer of New York City, and is a Kentucky Colonel.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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