Finding Time To Write

A true test for many writers that will require your attention forever. Why do we have to focus on finding time to write? Where exactly will we find this time? Who knows how each writer will easily locate this "time," but we have to realize that if we do not designate some time for our writing, it will not just magically appear! Nobody can tell you when your "time" to write should be. We all have different schedules and various other responsibilities that effect our life.For some mothers, like me, our best time to write may be when our children are sleeping or at school depending upon their age.

I personally find myself most relaxed and inspired to write at night after my son goes to bed (even if he falls asleep in my arms). It''s not always easy to tear yourself away from other things (like watching my little blessing with his amazingly angelic face sleep!), however, you must choose to focus on your writing.

If you find yourself devoting time to housework that does not actually need to be done immediately, you may steal an hour or more a day away from those chores to write.

If you usually watch daily soap operas and sitcoms each night, you may want to rethink your allocation of this time.

If you tend to wake up before your alarm goes off some mornings and linger under your comforter, you may want to consider getting out of bed and writing!

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, instead of flipping through the channels, get a pad and paper and write...

The list goes on - but I think you get the picture.

If you truly want to write - you can find the time - somewhere, somehow - it''s there in everyone''s busy days!

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