Five Great Ideas For Your Next Article

It''s amazing how quickly free articles can generate traffic - my traffic sometimes triples within 24 hoursof releasing a new article.

But if free articles are your main marketingtechnique, you may run into a problem - how to come upwith new ideas.

Yesterday an interviewer asked me in an email: "Howdoes someone come up with topic ideas? What do youdo, for example?"

This was my reply:

  • The key to coming up with topic ideas for your articles is to be very aware of what you yourself are learning. As you know, e-commerce is a huge area and we''re all learning new things every day. Every time you learn something new, write a short article about it. Because there are almost certainly other people who are going to have to learn what you just learned and your article is going to make it much easier for them to get that information.
  • The other thing to do is pay close attention to the questions people ask you. For example, I had a question last week from a man in the UK who wanted to know how to use articles to promote an affiliate link. So I answered his question and then wrote an article titled: ''How To Boost Your Affiliate Sales With Free Articles''.


You may notice that I''m using this technique here.Yesterday someone asked me a question and today I''mwriting an article about it. It''s that simple!

Here are five great ideas for your next article:

(1) Write a Book/Product Review
This is an endless source of new articles. Every timeyou see a new eBook, write to the author and ask ifyou can have a ''review copy'' (this is also anexcellent way to get free copies of the latest neweBooks).
Writing a book review is really very easy - justsummarize the points that most impressed you. You cansee some examples of book reviews at:


(2) Do an Interview
Contact a well-known figure on the Internet and askhim or her if you could interview them by email. There''san art to doing a good interview and the best way to learnis to look at other interviews:

(3) Write a Business News Article
Subscribe to one of the Internet News services, clippingagencies, or Press Release services and use the informationyou receive to write articles on the latest developments in yourindustry field.
Here are some websites that specialize in Internet Business News:


(4) Write an Anecdote
Have you had a strange or frustrating experience onthe Internet, or have you made a big mistake that youlearned from (people love reading about other people''smistakes). Write about it!

(5) Write a ''How To'' article
These kind of articles are always in demand. And itdoesn''t have to be very long - five tips that you''vepicked up in the last month on some aspect of runningan online business. Maybe you learned how to choose aweb host, how to choose a list server, how to dealwith spam, how to get better results from your Newsletter,or how to succeed with affiliate programs? Why not sharethose tips with others?

I hope these ideas have given you food for your next articleand the next surge of free traffic to your website!

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